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              How to activate the resilience of crops when continuous rain and snow hit


              How to activate the resilience of crops when continuous rain and snow hit

                Since the National Day, the nationwide rainfall constantly, many places appeared continuous rainy and low-temperature weather, the bad climate caused by low temperature, high humidity, oligophobic environmental conditions in the shed, to vegetable greenhouse growers of vegetable management has brought a lot of pressure.

                At First, low-temperature weather hinder crop growth

              Rainy low-temperature weather, if not properly managed, crops will appear a variety of physiological disorders, such as deformed fruit, lack of vegetation, poor color transfer and various other

                1, causing poor flower bud differentiation

              Vegetable bud differentiation requires a certain temperature, such as tomatoes in the bud differentiation period, a long time below 8 , it will cause poor differentiation of bud differentiation, which in turn leads to a large number of deformed fruit, hollow fruit or drop flowers and fruits, affecting yield and quality.


                2, the root system is damaged, a variety of deficiency symptoms occur frequently

              The lower temperature in the shed will inevitably lead to lower ground temperature, production if the ground temperature is lower than 15 , the root system of greenhouse vegetable crops to absorb water and nutrients weakened, resulting in a variety of deficiency symptoms, such as yellowing, whitening, etc.

                3, leaf photosynthesis is hindered

              Winter and spring crop vegetable production, the plant long-term low temperature and low light environmental conditions, especially the frequency of rainy weather, plant photosynthesis weakened, nutrient accumulation is insufficient, plant growth is weak, if in the flowering period will make the flowering and poor fruit set, the formation of a large number of stiff fruit.

               4, poor fruit coloring

                The best temperature for tomato coloring is 18-26 , such as the minimum temperature of the greenhouse is lower than 12 , chlorophyll decomposition is delayed or slowed, the formation of lycopene is blocked, seriously affecting fruit coloring. In addition, the lack of light in the greenhouse in winter often leads to slow fruit coloring.


                Second, how to deal with rain and low temperature and other bad weather

                In the face of rain, snow and cold weather, in addition to the necessary greenhouse insulation measures, in addition to the rapid activation of the vegetable's own resilience to deal with the effects of adverse conditions, which is a more critical link. High-quality seaweed fertilizer products, can be said to be the best in this regard.


                Seaweed extract is a natural bio-stimulant extracted from the algae of the vesicular leaf that grows in the ocean. The algae grows in deep water. In the deep water ocean, the temperature is very low and the light is very weak, yet it grows very luxuriantly and its body is rich in nutrients. It has been tested that it maintains a high level of bioactive substances in its body to resist low temperature and low light and promote growth. Ltd. has extracted and concentrated a full set of bioactive substances in brown algae through enzyme fermentation and condensation extraction. The main components are natural bioactive substances extracted from seaweed that are beneficial to plant growth and development and mineral nutrients absorbed by seaweed from the ocean and enriched in the body, and produced Blue Treasure Seaweed Extract. It is popularly used in various countries around the world, and it is very effective in resisting low temperature, rooting and strengthening seedlings, and improving soil agglomeration structure, which is very popular among farmers.


               Blue Treasure Seaweed Extract has the following effects.

                Efficacy 1: Resisting the adverse effects of low temperature and other environments

                A variety of active substances unique to seaweed extract can stimulate the production of non-specific active factors in plants to improve resistance to cold, drought, disease and other resilience to external environmental stresses.

                Effect 2: Promote root growth and nutrient absorption

                The high content of growth factors in seaweed extract helps vegetables to establish a strong root system, enhance their absorption and utilization of water and nutrients, and resist low temperatures.


                Effect 3: Promote plant growth and photosynthetic efficiency

                A variety of trace elements in seaweed extract, strong and disease resistant, promote photosynthesis and improve disease resistance. A variety of natural active ingredients can stimulate the crop to enlarge the vascular cells of the stalk, accelerate the transportation of water, nutrients and photosynthetic organic products, promote plant growth, and effectively improve photosynthetic efficiency.

              In addition, Blue Treasure Seaweed Extract, as an excellent marine organic special fertilizer, has the following effects, which can help crops solve most of their internal and external physiological problems.

                Effect 4 Soil Conditioning and Restoration

                Blue Treasure Seaweed Extract, rich in high pH potassium alginate of 25% or more. It regulates acid soil, using once to lower acid, twice to expand soil, and three times to eliminate acid soil symptoms, which can effectively break soil consolidation and delay the effect of salinization and make soil more fertile.

                Effect 5 promote inter-root microbial growth

                The use of Blue Treasure seaweed extract, can directly make the soil or through the plant so that the soil to increase organic matter, activating a variety of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. These microorganisms can act as a catalyst in the metabolic cycle of plants and microorganisms, which increases the biological effectiveness of the soil. At the same time, the metabolites of plants and soil microorganisms can provide more nutrients to plants.

              Effect 6 regulates the natural hormone balance of crops

              Biological enzymatic digestion + unique condensation directional extraction technology, so that the phytohormones unique to Blue Treasure seaweed extract are high and complete, with enhanced endogenous crop hormones, intelligent regulation, so that nutrients flow into key parts, crop robustness, flowers and fruits evenly, maintain and restore the original flavor of crops and improve quality.


               The use of seaweed extract


               In order to resist the stress caused by low temperature on the crop, it is recommended to use Blue Treasure seaweed extract treatment to solve.

              [Leaf spray]

              Use 2000-3000 times of seaweed extract to treat the crop with leaf spray. A variety of active substances improve the crop's cold resistance. At the same time, it can well promote the photosynthetic efficiency of the plant and promote the growth of the plant.

              [Root irrigation and slow watering]

              In winter crop transplanting, because of the low ground temperature, resulting in slow rooting and slow seedling growth after transplanting. At this time, it is recommended to use 2000 times of seaweed extract to dip the seedling tray into the root, which can effectively solve the problem of slow rooting under the condition of ground temperature. At the same time, after transplanting, you can also apply 400g/acre of seaweed extract during the slowing down period to promote the slowing down of the crop.


              During the whole reproductive period of the crop, use 400g/acre of Blue Treasure Seaweed Extract for flushing to root and nourish the roots, and take care of the healthy growth of the crop in all aspects.

              Ltd. has also developed fish and shrimp protein peptide, chitosan and seaweed polysaccharide, which can be used together for better effect!

              Low temperature and low light, vegetable stagnation, weak growth, Blue Treasure seaweed extract can help you, leaf spray fertilizer effect is fast, wash fertilizer effect is long-lasting, single use and watering, spray mix can be used, very convenient to use. You have any questions, you can come to our website for detailed consultation!